Each year’s GHE cohort​ has typically 12 to 15 students, ​40-50% of them are domestic students who had either studied abroad, learned a foreign language, or come from very diverse cultural background. Our international students, typically count to 50-60% of the cohort are from countries such as China, Korea, Turkey, Japan, Kazakhstan, Germany, and Poland, etc. ​It is very important for us to have students from diverse cultural, ethnical,  and educational backgrounds who bring their various global perspectives and personal experiences with other countries’ higher education to the program. More important, our students create and maintain an inclusive, family-like learning community where they can support each other during and even beyond their master’s program.

Students in the GHE program are not expected to have taken education-related courses in their undergraduate programs. GHE students have a variety of training backgrounds, including bachelor’s degrees in English, Foreign Languages, Psychology, Sociology, Chinese, History, International Relations, International Studies or Global Studies. Many of our domestic students and international students have traveled or studied abroad, therefore GHE students have the shared global consciousness, the common interest in international education, and the mind-set of diversity and inclusion already at the beginning of their program.