Learning Community

What does the GHE family-like learning community (cohort model) mean?

The cohort model and the cohort spirit are the soul of the Global Higher Education Master’s Degree Program (GHE). Through its cohort design, the Global Higher Education (GHE) program facilitates an intercultural, transnational, and family-like collaborative learning community. Students follow the course sequence together, which provides a daily platform for exchanging ideas, sharing experiences, and sharing expertise regarding current and critical issues in international higher education. As they move through the program together, students will have opportunities to expand their professional networks, build life-long friendships, and provide support to each other among cohort fellows. Students who have completed the program describe the cohort experience as one of the most valuable aspects of the GHE program.

What have GHE ​alumni said about the family-like learning community?

“I found a sense of community that was instrumental to my overall happiness in the past year.” (written in 2021 during the global pandemic)

“It is incredible for me to think about how I and many of my cohort members are two thirds done with our master’s degree. It seems like just yesterday I got my acceptance letter or that I stayed up until two in the morning in Madrid just to meet my soon-to-be cohort on Zoom. Little did I know they would be some of the people that filled my support system and keep me working and motivated to push through each week, month and semester.” (written in 2021 during the global pandemic).

“This cohort model really is what got me through this past year of grad school – we were constantly able to lift each other up, celebrate our successes, and work together to push past difficult moments. I can’t imagine being in any other cohort than my own, and I also know that we’re uniquely prepared to keep in contact with each other in the future.” (written in 2021 during the global pandemic)

“I also want to let you know how much being a part of the GHE cohort has meant to me. Not only getting to take courses that I am incredibly interested in, but also being part of the family […]  has been such an influential part of my grad school experience.”

“I really like the cohort model, it helps me find my niche within a campus as large as UW-Madison.”

“I think one of the most beneficial aspects of the GHE program was the cohort model. It really helped me connect with other students and learn from them, and it also provided comfort and familiarity in the courses.”

“The cohort model and those relationships really helped me build my confidence because everyone was so supportive and we all wanted to see each other succeed. When I started the program I never expected to become so close with the cohort group, but I know I gained lifelong friends.”

” I absolutely loved the cohort model.  I learned so much about the cohort members and their cultures over the course of the program.  They always offered diverse perspectives on higher education, many of which I will utilize in my professional experience.  Socially, the cohort model was great for meeting people right away and feeling more comfortable in a city where I barely knew anyone.”

“I love my cohorts from the bottom of my hearts! All the domestic students are so patient to listen to the international students’ voices and so caring. I think the size of our cohorts is perfect.”

” I think that our cohort model is amazing. It is great that our cohort is well-balanced when it comes to our members. Not only do we have an almost even amount of domestic and international students, but we also have international students from a variety of countries thus allowing us to gain more perspectives on different topics.”

” I think we would have done even more together if we had more free time. The moments to get together and socialize are essential. That was irreplaceable in creating a comfortable learning community for domestic and international students alike.”