Professional Development

Embedded Professional Development Program

The GHE program provides to its students a comprehensive, embedded professional development program that includes career advising, workshops on preparation of job applications and job interviews, individual career coaching, and assisting students to develop their professional network. The embedded professional development program has greatly contributed to our graduates’ success on the job market.

Gain Work Experience

The GHE program works with various units on campus to find internship positions for our students. However, in fact, 2/3 of our students found on-campus part-time jobs (sometimes through us, sometimes on their own). Only those who are not able to find a part-time job will rely on paid or unpaid internship opportunities. As for those part-time jobs, they are all office jobs on campus, to name some examples of job titles that our current students (2019 cohort) held by the beginning of their first semester:

  • Event and Outreach Supervisor for Marketing at International Academic Programs (which is our study aboard office)
  • Enrollment Management Assistant at International Academic Programs
  • Data Support Analyst at International Academic Programs
  • Admissions Representative at Office of Admissions and Recruitment
  • Office Assistant at International Student Services
  • Front Desk Assistant at International Student Services
  • Orientation Program Assistant at International Student Services
  • Graduate Assistant at International Internship Programs
  • Graduate Administrative Assistant at Graduate School
  • Graduate Project Assistant at Office of Admissions and Recruitment
  • etc.

We encourage students to find on-campus, part-time employment at various administrative units, such as study abroad, international students services, admissions office, international internship program, and other multiple international office at various schools or colleges. UW-Madison is very de-centralized campus and some schools/colleges have their own international education offices.

For students who are not able to secure such a part-time position, we will try to find paid or unpaid internship positions for them, it might be on-campus such as at Visiting International Student Program (VISP), or at other higher education institutions in town, such as Madison College. So far, we don’t have any student who can neither find on-campus jobs nor off-campus internship positions.

Balancing Work and Study

GHE students may work during the time they are enrolled in the program. ​GHE courses are mostly offered during the evenings beginning at either 4:40 or 7:15 p.m. Students are encouraged to work part-time on campus. Some of our students have worked on a full-time basis.  It is important to remember that the three-semester program is intensive, and that many courses are only offered once each year.