Alumni job placement

GHE alumni job placement at a glance:

  • Our alumni job placement rate is 93% or above in any given year since 2013.
  • 78% of our alumni pursue professional careers and are working full-time in the field of international education, student affairs, and higher education administration. At least 50-70% of them received job offers prior to their graduation.
  • 22% of our alumni have chosen to pursue Ph.D. degrees in higher education or educational research. By September 2023, a total of 27 GHE alumni are either enrolled in a Ph.D. program or have graduated with Ph.D. degrees.

Below you will see a list of positions that some of our alumni landed as their first job after graduation. Of course, many of them are currently having leadership positions that have much more responsibilities than their first ones.

You will also see a list of universities where our alumni have been enrolled in their Ph.D. programs.

Job placement ​in international education

  • Education Abroad Program Manager, UW-La Crosse.
  • International Exchange Student and Scholar Advisor, UCLA.
  • International Student Advisor, UW-Madison,
  • Study Abroad Coordinator, University of Central Florida.
  • International Engagement Coordinator, UW-Madison.
  • International Academic and Career Coach, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.
  • International Student Services Coordinator, Yonsei University, Korea.
  • International Admissions Program Advisor, Madison College.
  • International Outreach Specialist, Sam Houston State University
  • International Sponsored Student Advisor, University of Colorado Boulder.
  • Strategic Planning and Higher Education Policy Analyst, Wenzhou-Kean University, China.
  • Program Coordinator, American Councils for International Education, Kazakhstan.
  • Associate Director, International Programs, Doane University.
  • Coordinator for Education Sector, UNESCO Beijing Office, China.
  • International Partnerships Manager, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.
  • Administrator at Chancellor’s Office, Shenzhen Graduate School of the Peking University, China.
  • Program Coordinator, International Center, University of Michigan.
  • Study Abroad Advisor, Office of International Education, University of Texas Arlington​.
  • International Education Coordinator, International Campus of Beijing No. 4 High School, China.
  • International Admission Counselor, University of Virginia.
  • Director of California International Studies Project, Sonoma State University.

Job placement ​in students affairs or in higher education administration

  • Student Organizations & Engagement Manager, School of Engineering, UW-Madison.
  • Undergraduate Admissions Counselor, Creighton University
  • Coordinator for Residence Education, University of Arkansas in Fayetteville
  • Admissions & Recruitment Coordinator, School of Nursing, UW-Madison
  • Academic Advisor, Minneapolis Community and Technical College
  • Assistant Director for Students and Curriculum, IRIS, UW-Madison.
  • Academic Success Specialist, Arizona State University.
  • Admissions & Recruitment Coordinator, School of Nursing, UW-Madison
  • Academic Advisor, School of Human Ecology, UW-Madison.
  • Academic Advisor, Biology Major Program, UW-Madison.
  • Academic Advisor, Department of Economics, UW-Madison.
  • Assistant Director of Admissions, Denison University.

Universities where GHE alumni are pursuing or have received their Ph.D. degrees from:

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison (6 currently enrolled, 8 graduated)
  • University of Texas-Austin (2 graduated)
  • Florida State University (1 currently enrolled, 1 graduated)
  • University of Florida (2 graduated)
  • University of Iowa ( 2 enrolled)
  • University of Maryland (1 enrolled)
  • University of Arizona (1 enrolled)
  • University at Buffalo (1 enrolled)
  • University of South Carolina (1 graduated)